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Contact lens examinations

What is a contact lens consultation?

This can also be called a contact lens fitting appointment. This involves a contact lens practitioner asking you a series of questions to determine your history and lifestyle needs to determine which contact lenses would be suitable for you. The practitioner will then examine the front structures of the eye to ensure your eyes are healthy enough for contact lens wear. The contact lens options will then be discussed with you to determine the contact lenses you will trial. Finally once the lenses have been inserted on to the eye the practitioner will assess your vision and check the fit of the lenses on your eye. If the practitioner is happy with the fit and vision, they will allow you to take the lenses away to trial and book you in for a follow up appointment called an aftercare.

What is a contact lens aftercare?

A contact lenses aftercare is usually done after a contact lens fitting to decide if the lenses have reacted well to the eye and if the patient is happy with the comfort and vision. If the practitioner and patient after happy they can then be signed off on the prescription. It is then advised to have regular contact lens aftercares to maintain the health of the eye and prevent any long term problems.

Contact lens aftercares are usually advised once a year, however sometimes the interval can be more or less depending on the practitioners’ judgement.

How much is a contact lens consultation?

Contact lens consultations are often free in a lot of opticians. You are given a free appointment and lenses to trial. You only start paying once you want to purchase lenses. However some opticians do charge for the initial consultation, this can vary from £20 to £35. It is best to ask your optician before booking the appointment.

How much is a contact lens aftercare?

A lot of high street opticians offer a direct debit scheme. This is where you purchase the contact lenses from them on a monthly basis, and in return you get a number of benefits. One of the benefit is usually a free contact lens aftercare when needed. However if you purchase your lenses elsewhere you will normally have to pay for your aftercare appointment. The prices are listed below:



Vision express

Boots opticians




The charge can vary on a store by store basis so it is best to ask how much the appointment costs before booking.